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2020 Community Report Back

2020 has been a busy year for our community! Please check out our report back to the community to learn how we've progressed in making McCauley a safer and more vibrant community! Download the report here!

What should we focus
on as a community?


There is a lot happening in the community of McCauley. Trying to address everything at once can be a challenge. 


What makes a safe and vibrant community?


Safety and vibrancy can come in many different forms and can be defined through many different perspectives. 


Stay tuned for upcoming community meetings


Connect with residents and members of McCauley who are passionate about the well-being of their community


Understand the root causes of some of the main issues in the neighbourhood and uncover untapped community potential.


Share your skills and talents with other community members to so see how we might address some of these issues

Share your ideas with us!

Do you have an idea to make McCauley a safer more vibrant place to live? Share it at our next meeting or share it by clicking below! Working together, we can bring these ideas to life!


Contact us

Have a question? Please feel free to reach out and contact us!

Brandy Basisty
Community Convener