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Addressing the issues that impact McCauley the most


Since early in 2018, McCauley Community Safety Meetings have been collecting safety concerns from community members. The broad list of community concerns have been listed below. To better prioritize our efforts as a community, please take the survey and choose your top three concerns.

Young business team laying out an action plan
  • Assault
  • Awareness of city services
  • Break and Enter
  • Business growth
  • Community programming
  • Concentration of poverty
  • Crime reporting
  • Derelict buildings
  • Drug dealing
  • Empty storefronts
  • Family support
  • Gaming & licencing
  • Gang activity
  • Garbage
  • Greater police presence
  • Human trafficking
  • Lighting and beautification
  • Needle disposal and pick up
  • Neighbourhood watch
  • Neighbourhood connecting
  • Robbery
  • Positive street level activities
  • Positive message signage
  • Positive police/youth engagement
  • Problem properties
  • Proliferation of pharmacies
  • Speeding and shortcutting
  • Supervised consumption services
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle-related theft,
  • VLTs

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Brandy Basisty
Community Convener